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<h3>DAY 01 – Airport / Negombo</h3>

Greeted by our representative at Colombo Airport and depart to Negombo.


Negombo a small town by the west coast within close proximity to the Airport is a Fishing Village. Local made Catamarans could be witnessed sailing in the far distance which would be a unforgettable rare view.

Dutch Fort and the Canal are significant as they are the key aspects to testify the presence of the Dutch during late 16<sup>th</sup> Century.


Overnight stay at Negombo.

<h3>DAY 02 – Negombo / Anuradapura</h3>

After breakfast proceed to Anuradapura.


<strong>Anuradapura Historical Site

</strong>Once was the ruling capital of Sri Lanka for 1000 years it is still functioning as some places are still in use for religious purposes where thousands of locals crowded in each day. The rambling Buddhist Site comprise with ginormous dagobas, lofty pillars, antediluvian rock pools, dilapidated temples and museums which depicts the pride of ancient kingdom. The site is opened to visitors around 7.00 – 18.00 hrs usually and it would consume around 2.30 hrs to complete the whole site.


Overnight stay at Anuradapura.

<h3>DAY 03 – Anuradapura / Polonnaruwa / Dambulla</h3>

After breakfast proceed to Polonnaruwa upon completion of site visit return back to Dambulla.



</strong>The World Heritage Site comprise with Buddha Statues in different postures, Ancient Complexes, Hindu Sculptures and Irrigation canals where the main source is Parakrama Samudra(Lake). Due to Indian invasions the relics of the site is imposed by hindu influence where you could witness temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The site is on a flat plain and could be completed within 2.30 hours.


Overnight stay at Dambulla.

<h3>DAY 04 – Dambulla / Sigiriya</h3>

Breakfast at the hotel and depart to Sigiriya Rock Fortress.



</strong>A rock which stands up as a lone sentinel from the surrounding plane and on its summit is a royal palace. It is 200m in height and there are 1200 steps which would consume 3 hours to complete the whole site. On its rock walls fifth century paintings and the mirror wall is scribbled with ancient poetry.


<strong>Dambulla Golden Cave Temples

</strong>The climbing difficulty is moderate and it would take around 2.00 hours to climb up and down and it towers 160m over the surrounding plains. As you enter the site you see a 30m high gigantic Buddha Statue with Dhamma Chakka Posture. The history of this complex dates back to 1<sup>st</sup> Century B.C. and there are five caves which contains amazing drawings and which is unique to this era.


Overnight stay at Dambulla.

<h3>DAY 05 – Dambulla / Avukana / Kandy</h3>

Breakfast at the hotel and depart to Kandy via Matale.


<strong>Avukana Buddha</strong>

Fable narrations defines that this gigantic 12 meter standing Buddha on a lotus footstall is sculptured during the era of king Datusena in 5<sup>th</sup> century. The name was derived to this statue as of the meaning ‘Sun(Avu) Eating(Kana)’ Buddha. The Buddha is in ‘Ashiwa Mudra’ posture where it conveys blessings &amp; the flame on the crest signifies the enlightenment.


<strong>Kandy Tooth Temple

</strong>The complex is enshrined with the left canine tooth of the Buddha which is held in highest esteem. The difficulty of completing this Site is easy and it would take approximately 2 hours to complete.


<strong>Folk Show</strong>

The Folk Show depicts the rich culture which Sri Lanka resembles within 1 hour and during this time you could witness 12 different Folk dances and a fire walking ceremony.


Overnight stay at Kandy.

<h3>DAY 06 – Kandy</h3>

<strong>Bahiravakanda Buddha Statue</strong>

Emerging upon the surrounding plateau overlooking the Kandian Kingdom is this giant buddha gleaming in white. As per legendary tales it is said that there was a Bahirava(Dwarf) Devala(Temple) at the summit of the mountain and hundreds of girls had been sacrificed as vows to Dwarf God.


<strong>Lankathilakya Temple</strong>

Destined at a rock bed which en circled with exuberant verdure this architectural edifice has a chronicle which dates back to 14<sup>th</sup> century. The structure boasts of great unique architecture which is nonparallel to any other era.


<strong>Gadaladeniya Temple</strong>

Influenced by South Indian architectural conception this was built by King Buvanekabahu IV in 13<sup>th</sup> century.


<strong>Embekke Devalaya</strong>

Rarified Carvings in Wooden Pillars and structures is what this great complex has to offer. This Devalaya(temple) is dedicated to God Kataragama and was done by King Wickramabahu II in 13<sup>th</sup> century originally as a three storied building and which is not as present.


Overnight stay at Kandy.

<h3>DAY 07 – Kandy / Nuwara Eliya</h3>

Breakfast at the Hotel &amp; depart to Nuwara Eliya. En route view beautiful landscaping &amp; water falls and visit a functioning Tea Factory with its vast Tea Estate.


<strong>City Tour in Nuwara Eliya</strong>


Visit Golf Course, Race Course, Gregories Lake &amp; Victoria Park as per guests interest.


<strong>Seetha Amman Temple</strong>


This is the only Seetha Temple in the world and is situated in the exact point where Seetha was held captive by Rawana.


<strong>Hakgala Botanical Gardens



The famous botanical gardens was established in 1861 and it was once a experimentation &amp; promotion center for Cinchona cultivation. In 1884 this center was transformed to a garden and different species of Orchids &amp; Roses are visible.


Overnight stay at Nuwara Eliya.

<h3>DAY 08 – Nuwara Eliya / Tissamaharama</h3>

Early morning visit Horton Plains National Park.


<strong>Horton Plains



Get into a jeep around 5.00 a.m. from Nuwaraeliya to reach the Park entrance and thereafter the 3 hour trek begins. During the 9.5km trek one could witness The Small Worlds End, Big Worlds End, Bakers Falls &amp; Chimney Pool.


Depart to Yala en route take a break at Ella Town if interested.


Overnight stay at Yala.

<h3>DAY 09 – Tissamaharama / Kataragama</h3>

Early morning Full Day Game Safari at Yala National Park. One of the foremost National Parks in Sri Lanka where you could witness Leopards, Elephants, Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Wild Water Buffalo &amp; Crocodiles etc. You would be able to roam around the park leisurely for 10 to 12 hours while having the lunch and refreshments inside the park it self.


Upon completion depart to Kataragama Historical site.


Overnight stay at Yala.

<h3>DAY 10 –  Tissamaharama / Galle</h3>

After breakfast depart to Galle.


<strong>Stilt Fishermen</strong>


Weligama to Unawatuna on the shallow waters you could observe these fishermen sitting on their stilts which is a spectacular view.


<strong>Galle Fort</strong>


Constructed in 17<sup>th</sup> century the Galle Dutch Fort is among one of the best preserved forts in South Asia. The site is in abundance with Colonial Villas and the main tourist attractions are the Dutch Reformed Church, Museum &amp; the Clock Tower.


Overnight stay at Galle.

<h3>DAY 11 – Galle / Bentota</h3>

Breakfast at the Hotel &amp; depart to Bentota.


<strong>Moonstone Mines</strong>


Meetiyagoda a village near Ambalangoda town you could pay a visit to these mines where you could observe the mining process of this precious stone by going down into the deep into the narrow shafts. The moonstones are only concentrated into an area of one acre of land in Meetiyagoda.


<strong>Ambalangoda Mask Museum</strong>


Masks are of Sri Lankan tradition running deep into centuries they are hand carved with intricate ex cogitation and painted in vivacious manner which resemble the culture which was passed down to generations. The museum explicate the travelers the tedious process which is behind the scenes to produce such masks and their significance.


<strong> Island Hopping Madu River</strong>


Madu River is a lagoon which comprise with hundreds of islets which is located in southwest coast Balapitiya. During this compact tour you could witness an Old Buddhist Monastery, how local inhabitants carry out their occupations by Cinnamon cultivation and prawn fishing. The tour would consume approximately 2 hours.


<strong>Turtle Hatchery</strong>


The Sea Turtle Conservation Project was initiated in 1988 and here the hatchery pays fishermen for turtle eggs and buries them in the sand and upon completion of 50 days Baby Turtles would hatched and released to sea at night. However only one out of thousand would survive to maturity.


Overnight stay at Bentota.

<h3>DAY 12 – Bentota / Airport</h3>

<strong> </strong>Depart to Colombo Airport with delightful memories.

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