Sri Lankan Special Holidays
29 September 2015
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Plan Your Tour To Sri Lanka

Plan your tour with us to get the best out of your holiday. Several aspects should be looked into if you are to make the best of your holiday.

Timing your holiday

Select the best locations depending on how you want to spend your vacation. If you are planning to spend your time on the beach, the driest months would be ideal since the seas are calm during this season. However the climate changes in different parts of the country due to the monsoon rains. The west and the south coast as well as the hill country enjoys the best of the seasons during the months of December to march. And the eastern coast enjoys its dry spell during May to September. The country celebrates two most important and fascinating cultural pageants. The Kandy perahara which takes place in August and the Kataragama festival in July every year.

Tourist months
Usually many tourists seem to enter the country when the seas are calm, in the months of December to march. And during this season you could observe many western people, mainly Europeans, arriving to the island to escape from the cold winters.

Air fares and accommodation rates are rather high during this season than during the off seasons.

Finding your way about
If you are having trouble finding your way within the country, we advise you to carry a road map with you. There are various types of maps that you could purchase, but the most accurate map is the road map produced by the Sri Lanka government survey department. The map would easily help you out as it is clear to read. You could purchase this road map from any book shop or from the survey department map sales center in Colombo fort. ( Tel- 011435328). The welles verlag 1:450,000 scale Sri Lanka map can be also used as it includes city maps or Colombo, Anuradhapura, Kandy and gale.

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