Luxury Circuit

DAY 01 – Airport / Colombo

Greeted by our representative at Colombo Airport and depart to Colombo. Colombo The city of Colombo is the Commercial Hub of Sri Lanka but also engross as a unmissable attraction with its Colonial architecture, bazaar area and buddhist monasteries. The dapperness of the city is been exhibited with adorned lustrous hotels and modernistic streets which laid through art exhibition and restaurants facing the ocean. Overnight stay at Colombo.

DAY 02 – Colombo

Breakfast at the hotel in Colombo. Then City Tour in Colombo. Gangaramaya Temple Having a history of 150 years this composite temple comprise with a library, ancient relic repository & you could witness begild ornaments presented by devotees as in return for their vows. Annual Navam Procession is held in February where it is the most exuberant function held around Colombo which attracts hundreds of local and foreign spectators. National Museum Enriched with artefacts which illustrates the ancient pride of the nation it is a building complex made by Sir William Henry Gregory in 1877. The panoromic exhibition shows swords, muskets, paintings, outmoded demon masks, imperial throne belonging to Kandyan kings. Dutch Period Museum The museum exhibits Dutch era furniture, headstones and ceramic ware which were employed in colonial period. This mansion was once the residence of the Dutch governor in 17th century. Fort Area & Railway Station Snarl up thoroughfare sandwiched among tiny stores heaped on top of each another and sidewalks this pell mell bazaar area is like no any other place in Sri Lanka. Overnight stay at Colombo.

DAY 03 – Colombo / Dambulla

Breakfast at the hotel in Colombo and depart to Colombo Airport to get on board Cinnamon Air which flies to Sigirya. Upon arrival visit Dambulla Golden Cave Temple. Dambulla Golden Cave Temples The climbing difficulty is moderate and it would take around 2.00 hours to climb up and down and it towers 160m over the surrounding plains. As you enter the site you see a 30m high gigantic Buddha Statue with Dhamma Chakka Posture. The history of this complex dates back to 1st Century B.C. and there are five caves which contains amazing drawings and which is unique to this era. Overnight stay at Dambulla.

DAY 04 – Dambulla / Sigiriya

Breakfast at the hotel and depart to Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Sigiriya A rock which stands up as a lone sentinel from the surrounding plane and on its summit is a royal palace. It is 200m in height and there are 1200 steps which would consume 3 hours to complete the whole site. On its rock walls fifth century paintings and the mirror wall is scribbled with ancient poetry. Village Safari An insight peep to the village rural life the tour comprise with a Bullock Cart Tour, Canoe Boat Ride and a Tuk Tuk Ride through the remote interior pathways into the village. While traveling village type lunch is arranged by villagers and also you could witness their crops and cultivation lands which is surrounded by lush greenery. Overnight stay at Dambulla.

DAY 05 – Dambulla / Polonnaruwa / Dambulla

After breakfast Hot Air Ballooning Tour. Hot Air Ballooning Surge among the bluish clouds above Golden Cave Temples, Kandalama Reservoir & Sigiriya Rock Fortress is an famous event that trends among the tourists which lasts between the months from November to April due to gentle winds and clear sky. Polonnaruwa The World Heritage Site comprise with Buddha Statues in different postures, Ancient Complexes, Hindu Sculptures and Irrigation canals where the main source is Parakrama Samudra(Lake). Due to Indian invasions the relics of the site is imposed by hindu influence where you could witness temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The site is on a flat plain and could be completed within 2.30 hours. Overnight stay at Dambulla.

DAY 06 – Dambulla / Kandy

After breakfast depart to Kandy the last kindom. Kandy Tooth Temple The complex is enshrined with the left canine tooth of the Buddha which is held in highest esteem. The difficulty of completing this Site is easy and it would take approximately 2 hours to complete. Folk Show The Folk Show depicts the rich culture which Sri Lanka resembles within 1 hour and during this time you could witness 12 different Folk dances and a fire walking ceremony. Overnight stay at Kandy.

DAY 07 – Kandy / Nuwaraeliya

Breakfast at the Hotel & depart to Nuwara Eliya. En route view beautiful landscapings & water falls and visit a functioning Tea Factory with its vast Tea Estate. City Tour in Nuwara Eliya Visit Golf Course, Race Course, Gregories Lake & Victoria Park as per guests interest. Seetha Amman Temple This is the only Seetha Temple in the world and is situated in the exact point where Seetha was held captive by Rawana. Hakgala Botanical Gardens The famous botanical gardens was established in 1861 and it was once a experimentation & promotion center for Cinchona cultivation. In 1884 this center was transformed to a garden and different species of Orchids & Roses are visible. Overnight stay at Nuwara Eliya.

DAY 08 – Nuwaraeliya / Mirissa

Early morning visit Horton Plains National Park. Horton Plains Get into a jeep around 5.00 a.m. from Nuwaraeliya to reach the Park entrance and thereafter the 3 hour trek begins. During the 9.5km trek one could witness The Small Worlds End, Big Worlds End, Bakers Falls & Chimney Pool. Overnight stay at Mirissa.

DAY 09 – Mirissa

After breakfast initiate the activities. Whale Watching Though now the activity is doable through out the year the main season is from November to April. Indian Ocean is renowned for Blue whales, Bryde´s whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales, sometimes Killer whales, and Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and Striped dolphins. The boat leaves the coast around 7.00 a.m. And the tour would consume around 4 Hours. Surfing & Snorkeling A less congested area where it is ideal for beginners to train themselves due to the natural presence of the location which is surrounded by rocks thus less effect to the waves by onshore wind. The equipment’s are available to be rented and different variety of species could be witnessed while snorkeling. Overnight stay at Mirissa.

DAY 10 – Mirissa / Airport

Breakfast at the hotel in Mirissa and depart to Koggala Airport to get on board Cinnamon Air which flies to Colombo Airport. Depart home with delightful memories.

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