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29 September 2015
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29 September 2015
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Travel within the country


The airport in Colombo is the major domestic airport in Sri Lanka. In addition to that there are regular flights to smaller airports at Batticaloa, Gal Oya, Palali and Trincomalee.

Travelling around Sri Lanka by air can be really interesting. It not only saves your time spent in a journey to move from one location to another, but it also provides you the opportunity to observe the island leisurely from the skies.

Sri Lankan airlines offer their passengers special air taxi services from Colombo to several other cities and vice versa. The flights are based on “twin otter” planes in straight floats with a seating capacity for about 15 passengers.


Travelling within the country by train can be very interesting and exciting. You could travel to any tourist destination from the Colombo by train.

Trains consist of 3 classes, 1st class which is rather expensive, the second class and the third class. The first class compartment is equipped with air conditioning, dining cars etc. New fast services operate on the main routes, including an intercity express train from Colombo to Kandy.


Most roads in Sri Lanka are tarred and the vehicles move on the left with a 56kph (35mph) speed limit in built-up areas and 75kph (45mph) outside towns. Flashing lights mean that the driver is asserting right of way. It is quite dangerous to drive in lonely, remote areas at night so please avoid doing so.

Bus: An extensive network of services of reasonable quality is provided by the Sri Lanka Central Transport Board. Private bus drivers in Sri Lanka are paid according to the number of passengers.

Taxi: there are many taxi services in the country. In Colombo, taxis are metered but it is advisable to agree a rate before setting off. Drivers expect a 10 per cent tip. Taxis are safe, easy and fast.

Car hire: This is available from several international agencies.

Air-conditioned minibuses are also available. Motorized rickshaws are also readily available for hire in towns and villages. Chauffeur-driven cars are less expensive and recommended.

Documentation: In order to avoid bureaucratic formalities in Sri Lanka, an International Driving Permit should be obtained before departure. If not, a temporary license to drive is obtainable on presentation of a valid national driving license. This must be endorsed at the AA office in Colombo. The minimum age for driving a car is 18.


The central transport board provides intensive urban services in Colombo. However you could also choose the private bus services and mini busses. Fares are usually collected by the conductor in the bus and busses are quite crowded most of the times.

Travelling with children

Sri Lanka is a great destination that would surely bring immense to your kids. Tuk tuk rides, elephants rides, safaris, tree houses, beaches are great places and events kids would enjoy. Sri Lanka is a family paradise and Sri Lankan people loves children. Much attention and concern are paid specially towards kids. You could observe playing on the beach and roads with much freedom. Some hotels also let kids below the age of 10 stay for free.

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