About Us

Driver in Sri Lanka Official Site warmly welcomes you to the Pearl of Indian Ocean as the sole Government Business Registrant Tour Operator with Driver in Sri Lanka proprietary name. As the official site, we a collection of a mass community of drivers which conducted by a fair traveller friendly management cater all the travellers with a responsible, fluent and friendly service for an affordable rate by been the Channel which links the driver and guest directly omitting any intermediate party in between.

We had entertained hundreds of travellers multi-religion and multi-ethnic who are scattered all around the globe. Most of them are the once who propagate our good name by the word of mouth and builds trust and reputation to us as an establishment.

Begun more than a decade ago the establishment in initial stages only comprised of two vehicles and a chauffeur. Currently, Driver in Sri Lanka Official establishment possesses more than a hundred vehicles with designated chauffeurs to reach for them.

Our vision as a community-based establishment is to be the leading Tour Operator in Sri Lanka thus improving the living standards of our drivers by providing an extraordinary service to our beloved guests.

In order to accomplish our ultimate goal, we recruit drivers who are authorised and trained by National Tourist Development Authority thus they are well trained and responsible which in return you as a guest will receive an unmatchable joyful experience where no other establishment offers. We treat our chauffeurs in a fair manner as this is their primary job and there means of income where they feed their families.

Apart from manpower we focus on our fleet of vehicles as well by been inducting new vehicles annually which makes your ride reliable, comfortable and safe.

Warm regards from Driver In Sri Lanka Official Site and wish you a joyful vacation.

We work with a group of reliable Sri Lankan drivers who are capable of speaking many international languages including French, English and German. Our guides hold a wide knowledge about the historical places, culture and heritage of Sri Lanka and they are happy to guide and educate you providing you important information about the places that you visit. We offer you’re the service of Sri Lankan drivers who are well trained and licensed by the Sri Lanka tourist board.

All vehicles that we provide are very comfortable and a/c equipped . Luxury cars and vehicles will be supplied on request.


We offer you tailor made tour packages to match all your requirements so that you will receive the best out of your tour. The tour packages are prepared by us and would ensure 100% satisfaction and would make your stay here in Sri Lanka a memorable experience.

To make your tour more affordable we also offer specially designed tour packages for the budget travellers. In addition to that, you are also given the chance to choose between transports only or transport and accommodation services together.

Tour & Itinerary Planing

We have included some pre-made tour itineraries for you to gain some basic knowledge about the important and attractive places in our country. These pre-made itineraries will help you to decide on your holiday. However you are always free to inform us about any special requirements, changes or suggestions and we will be happy to prepare a customized itinerary for you in order to suit all your interests.

We are partners with a large number of well known and popular hotels all around the country. And they are recommended by all our travelers. Provide us the necessary requirements and preferences and decide on your hotel and we will reserve it for you with no payments made in advance. We will also help you choose the best hotel to make your stay more comfortable.

Note: We offer guaranteed lowest rates including all government taxes and service charges. Please be aware that most of the hotel booking websites and properties do not include these charges in their published rates, which adds 24% to 26% to your final bill.

  • Airport and city transfers are offered from Colombo international airport to any location.
  • You will be picked up from the arrival terminal at the airport by our company representative.
  • We provide transfers to any/hotel to another location/hotel at a reasonable rate.

You also have the opportunity to make transport arrangements for transit passengers  by organizing day tours and sightseeing tours in Sri Lanka.